Bob Dale Gloves

Bob Dale Gloves

Bob Dale Gloves was founded twenty five years ago, and is the largest importer and manufacturer of gloves in Canada. Now with a  distribution center in Phoenix, AZ, Bob Dale Gloves has the ability to better serve the U.S. markets strategically, offering better pricing, logistics and reduced shipping costs.  Bob Dale Gloves has strategic alliances with major factories, which ensures the production of high quality goods, along with consistent manufacturing processes.

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Ambidextrous Nitrile Groves that include Double sided fish scale grip, they are 100% nitrile (no latex), provide a wet, dry and oily grip and are chemical resistant.

Grippaz 246:

  • Application: mechanics, engineers, agriculture and general use
  • 24 cm in length / 6mil thickness
  • Color choice: black (#99-1-6000) or orange (#99-1-6100)
  • Order quantity: 50 per box / 10 per pack
    • Product details:
    • Double sided fish scale grip
    • 100% nitrile, no latex
    • Wet, dry and oily grip

Application 308:

  • Application: food handling, janitorial, cleaning, and agriculture
  • 30 cm in length / 8mil thickness
  • Color choice: blue (#99-1-6200)
  • Order quantity: 50 per box
  • Product details:
    • Double sided fish scale grip
    • 100% nitrile, no latex
    • Wet, dry and oily grip

Coated Gloves

Synthetic knit coated gloves are fast becoming the next generation of professional work loves. They are lightweight, comfortable and offer increased dexterity and flexibility.

  • Double dipped rough finish PVC coating
  • Jersey lining
  • Santized / Actifresh treated
  • PVC provides excellent resistance to acids, bases and caustics, as well as weater
  • Stays soft in colder temperatures
  • CFIA approved for direct food contact

Cut Resistant

Many of Bob Dale’s cut resistant gloves are Goatskin, which is naturally soft and comfortable while providing excellent abrasion resistance and durability.

Product features:

  • Cut resistant
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Breathable
  • Dexterity
  • Grip

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